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"I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it's only a choice of attitude"   - Judith M Knowlton


Counselling provides a safe environment to explore, accept and move forward.


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Tracy was able to help us get the psycho-educational testing that our son needed over the summer that his school was unable to provide during the school year. . She was great at helping us with strategies for his learning - we finally feel like we have a plan, and it's working!!                - Janet

Our daughter was cutting. Tracy helped both our daughter and us navigate through this scary time and while it has been a long journey, it has been one with progress and success. We are so grateful for her help!

                                                                                      -  Brent

Tracy was invaluable to me when I had left an abusive relationship - helped me to find resources and help that I had no idea existed.                       -Shauna